[Zbrafish] Re: Problem with pH!! Need help from somebody.

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>> Hi, I have been working for almost a month in a new position ( taking
>> care of zebra fish). Unfortunately, one of the rack had some algue
>> growing up, So I decided to clean the tank!!! the pH was 7,0-7,5 the
>> day before and at the end of the day it was 7,0. The following day it
>> was at 6,5. Does anyone knows if the algue can play a role in the pH
>> variation?
>> Thank to let me know
> Photosynthesis? That's a guess. It's really common with planted
> aquarium.

Yes with photsynthesis the co2 levels will vary, this effects the pH and it 
will change thru the day.
The more CO2 the more carbolic acid will form....  sort of.... lol
Fish waste is acidic and is removing buffers from the water, you are very 
close to a dangerous pH crash!!!
Algae scraped off tanks may be rotting and releasing tanic acids as well.
Solution? You need to add a buffer.
I reccomend calcium carbonate.
Either shellgrit, crushed coral, marble, limestone......
what ever you choose it will keep pH around 7.6.
REMEMBER a stable pH is best!!!!
Fish and bacteria do better. 

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