[Zbrafish] Re: In situs on sections?

Tony Cheuk-Chung Ho via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by cheuk.chung from gmail.com)
Tue Dec 11 22:16:00 EST 2007


Depending on the tissue and the resolution that you are interested in,
you might find paraffin wax a better alternative to cryo. In my
experience working on the retina, cryo general gives less define
cellular morphology(i.e. individual cells in the different retinal
layers). Alternatively, paraffin usually gives better preservation of
tissue morphology.

As for sections in situ protocol, I started with the Xu and
Wilkinson's protocol (1998,

Good Luck with your experiments,

As far as in situ on sections goes, you can probably start with

On 12月12日, 上午6時48分, Alessa <alessa... from hotmail.com> wrote:
> Has anybody done in situs on cryo sections? Is there any special
> equipment required? How about the solutions? A protocol will be highly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Alessa

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