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Hello Judy

One option to consider is to put an insulating layer and vapor barrier on
the wall.  The reason you have condensation and mold is that the wall
surface is colder than the dew point of the room.  When this happens moister
condenses and provide the right environment for mold/mildew to grow.

By providing an insulating layer the new surface will be warmer than the dew
point and condensation will not form.

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>Hi All-
>We are experiencing a problem with mold growth on a cold-exterior 
>wall in one of our fish facilities.  The warm temps and high 
>humidity in the room cause a lot of condensation on the wall and 
>it's become a haven for mold.
>It's going to be a tricky problem to remedy, but one thing we're 
>looking into are mold resistant paints (i.e. Kilz).  Has anyone had 
>any similar issues, or used a specific brand of paint?  Should we 
>worry about the fumes affecting the water/fish?
>Thanks for your help,
>Judy Bennett
>UMass Amherst

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