[Zbrafish] Re: software for routine colony record-keeping

jbest63881 from verizon.net via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by jbest63881 from verizon.net)
Sun Dec 30 19:03:14 EST 2007

Hi Dave,

One of the programs that some labs use if filemaker.  It is time
consuming keeping track of all of the tanks and where the fish have
been moved to.  However, it is valuble information.  You can set up
the catagories or "fields" that are most important to your lab in the
program.  Then it is all searchable, and you can isolate the fields
that you search.  Here is a link for filemaker http://www.filemaker.com/


On Dec 21, 12:24 pm, DaveJ <david.a.jacks... from us.army.mil> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know of good (and preferably pretty simple) software for
> keeping track of colony inventory, feedings, tank water quality and so
> forth?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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