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I used metrodonazole flagyl
250mg per 50L
treat daily for at least 6 days
best results gained with medicated feed (crush tablet, add bit tank water, 
and soak dry food in mixture then feed)
search for fish tb if your refering to the mykobacterium marina or a close 
your fish are little make it tricky to spot nodules etc
myself I'm used to treating bigger cichlids
heh heh

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>I work in a facility that is trying to establish a small Medaka and
> Zebra fish colony.
> Recently we discovered Mycobacteria in our Medaka which are on the same
> rack as our Zebrafish. One of the male Zebrafish  began swimming a bit
> oddly and his abdomen became red as if bleeding internally or inflamed
> organs. He is has since been set to the pathologist for screening, but
> is assumed to have Mycobacteria as well.
> The facility Veterinarian and I have both done literature searches but
> find not treatment. Has anyone successfully treated or eliminated
> Mycobacteria from their  fish and or system?
> Help is greatly appreciated from an inexperienced fish researcher.
> Beth Padnos

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