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Bonnie Ullmann via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by ullmann from uoneuro.uoregon.edu)
Wed Feb 21 15:20:16 EST 2007

Hello, Alan,
We've just gotten some injection molds that we like quite a bit. Here 
is the contact information:

Adaptive Science Tools

Adaptive Science Tools
  31 Gifford Drive
Worcester MA 01606

The one we like for injections has a slanted side and a straight side
catalogue # I-0034


At 10:30 -0800 2/21/07, alanmfg wrote:
>  >    1. Injection plate mould (Kevin Jones)
>>  I am trying to obtain an injection plate mould. The machinist at my
>>  college is not sure he can make them. Anyone have a reference of a 
>>  shop they've used to make these?
>>  Thanks in advance,
>  > Kevin Jones
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