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Hi Jason,

Why don´t you try out a simple method:

- Place a tank filled with system water alongside with the 
tank that you want to remove the marble from.
- Remove the fish first to the other tank, then remove the 
marble boxes and afterwards place the fish back into the 
original tank.

- The only "problem" is that fish will be hadled twice but 
as long as you have fine mesh fish nets, that will not be 
a problem for the fish, specially for their fins.


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> Hi all,
> just out of curiousity, how do people collect embryos 
>out of their AHAB
> photoperiod tanks??
> I just ask, because since we upgraded from our old, home 
>made system,
> to our new AHAB unit, we have been finding collection a 
> process.
> We place a tray about 5cm deep with marbles in it (2 
>marbles deep)
> This works fine, except, when we go to get the trays out 
>of the tanks,
> the fish either swim into the marbles and get trapped, 
>or there will be
> some kamakazi fish who jump out of the tank entirely.
> i am just curious to hear if anyone else has come across 
>a similar
> thing, and if you have, how you went about minimizing 
> one possible solution i thought of was getting some 
>slime line trays,
> that would hold 2 layers of marbles but no deeper, thus 
>decreasing the
> space restriction.
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