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Hi everyone,

We've been contemplating making devices such as the ones you are
describing.  Would you be willing to send a picture of your collecting
device for the AHAB or Marine Biotech tanks?


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I wonder what size is the AHAB tank you are using? My insitution uses
the Marine Biotech Z-mod, which is slightly different from the AHAB. I
think the most difficult part is the space limitation in these systems,
I have seen others having a easier time with collection using
stand-alone 30 liters tanks. Anyhow, I will shared my experience and
see if anyone have a better way of doing this.

I use 4 liters tanks to house three mating pairs and I submerges a
small collection device (size about 2" x 3" x2") with a hotizontal
screen to collect embryos. the collection device sits about 1"-2" below
the surface of water. For colection in the morning, I placed a cover
over the collection device and take it out of the water carefully.

Advise Welcome.


jason.cockington At gmail.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> just out of curiousity, how do people collect embryos out of their
> photoperiod tanks??
> I just ask, because since we upgraded from our old, home made system,
> to our new AHAB unit, we have been finding collection a fiddlly
> process.
> We place a tray about 5cm deep with marbles in it (2 marbles deep)
> This works fine, except, when we go to get the trays out of the tanks,
> the fish either swim into the marbles and get trapped, or there will
> some kamakazi fish who jump out of the tank entirely.
> i am just curious to hear if anyone else has come across a similar
> thing, and if you have, how you went about minimizing hassle.
> one possible solution i thought of was getting some slime line trays,
> that would hold 2 layers of marbles but no deeper, thus decreasing the
> space restriction.

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