[Zbrafish] Transcription problems?

sunshyne61987 from yahoo.com via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by sunshyne61987 from yahoo.com)
Thu Jul 5 14:01:01 EST 2007

Hi, I am trying to start some in situ experiments with no tail as my
control and two sequences of interest.  We ran our cut plasmids on a
gel and all had very nice single, disinct bands.  However, when we
our final probes on a gel, the no tail worked beautifully.  However
our sequences of interest did not work as well.  We got very faint
bands of the antisense of one sequence, and the sense of another
cut with Xho I and T3 polymerase).  While the probes cut with Xba I
and T7 polymerase had no bands present.  We think the problem is with
transcription, please help!!!

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