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On Jul 19, 12:29 am, Leviathan <jason.cocking... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> i was just wondering if i could put a question out to the australian
> zebrafish community?
> where do you get your dry feed from?
> currently we are importing about 6kg of food from the UK every 3
> months or so.  The problem with this is that because the food is
> comming in from overseas, AQIS demands that it be irradiated prior to
> its release to us.  Obviously this carries with it a rather large
> additional cost.
> I am therefore trying to find out where the other australian
> facilities get their food from.  is there a local food manufacturer?
> or does everyone currently import their fish food?
> any help you can offer will be most appreciated,
> many thanks,
> jason

Hi Jason,
I am not from Australia and I do not know what you are currently
paying for your feed but Aquatic Habitats is offering a complete
zebrafish diet that is already irradiated (AH271 Zeigler Zebrafish
Adult Diet). The price in the US is $22.50 for 500g. Harlam is also
offering irradiated zebrafish diet but it is twice as expensive and I
have not tried it. The Zeigler feed I give to my zebrafish for the
last 2 years with great success. If you need smaller feed (for
rearing) I give Golden pearls from Artemia International (200-300um,
300-500um, 500-800um).

Aquatic Habitats
Division Of Aquatic-Eco Systems, Inc.
2395 Apopka Blvd
Apopka, FL 32703
1- 407-886-7575  Voice
email: sheilab from aquaticeco.com			1- 407-886-1223  Fax

Artemia International LLC
1791 Ridgemoor Drive, Fairview, Texas 75069 USA
Tel:  (469) 854-1595 			/ Fax:  (469) 854-1595 / Email:  sales from artemia-
Contact Person: Jim Kawahigashi


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