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We do, depending on the application, and I am guessing that this practice is
widespread in the zebrafish community.  A few drops of 4mg/ml stock solution
into a standard petri dish will immobilize them.  At this dosage there does
not seem to be any problems with toxicity, as one can leave them in this
solution for extended periods with no discernable effects. We have never
done systematic studies on survival, but crudely it doesn't seem to have an
effect.   One study details response of larvae exposed to concentrations up
to 250mg/L with only slight/moderate increases in heart rate through medium
dosages and depressed heart rate at maximal dose.  There was no effect on
survival at any dose.

At 6dpf there should be no effect on gas bladder development, since it is
already inflated at this point.

There is some indication (i.e. J. Fish Biol.26, 355-358 (1985)) that
tricaine damages olfactory system in developing fish, so that is something
to think about, especially if you are doing behavioral work or anything
related to smell.

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I'm curious if anyone uses tricaine on fry from hatching to ~6dpf to
facilitate transferring them from dish to dish or dish to tank? If you do,
what concentration do you use (mg/L)? Are there any ill effects on overall
survival rate up to transformation? Or beyond? Is swim bladder development
comprimised? Is its use in this way  necessary?

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