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During normal operation of any recirculating system the pH will drop due to
the natural process of organic degradation and related alkalinity
consumption.  Are you supplementing your system in any way to counter act
this?  Typically sodium bicarb additions but there are other options as
well.  Remember also that pH levels that low will have negative effects on
biofilter bacteria propagation.  In a system with a pH level of 4.5 your
biofilter may also be dying (or dead) which will increase your ammonia
presence and increase the pH drop.  Because water quality factors are all
interrelated it is important to take a broad look at many things.  It may be
a simple as the addition of a suitable buffer but it could also be a high
CO2 concentration or a combination of the two.  Do you know what your
current DO level is? What are your current Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate


Hope this helps and let us know what you find out,





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I'm experiencing a reduction in water pH in some of my zebra fish RAS racks
and animals started showing the symptoms.In some of them it went below 4.5.

What is to be done to correct it?Pls let me know from your experiences of
similar situations.


thanks&best regards


University of Toronto



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