[Zbrafish] obtaining eggs and sperm, part II

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Wed Jun 6 12:53:14 EST 2007

Zebrafish community,

Hello again.  I posted a queston several weeks ago about in vitro
fertilisation: "obtaining eggs and sperm" on May 6th, and several of
you have been kind enough to offer welcome advice.  I have since been
able to squeeze a few viable eggs from my largest females indicating
that increasing the salt concentration in the water may have helped.
Unfortunately, I got only three eggs!  These fish are fed twice a day,
live brine shrimp and flake food, and seem to be in perfect breeding
conditions.  I think that this line of fish (from Carolina Biological)
may not be a prolific egg-layer, and I will need more fish that I
currently have anyway.  Which line and from where do you recommend I
purchase the fish (I will need about 50-100 females)?  Also, is the
defined media of HBSS/BSA as good at preventing auto-activation of
eggs as salmon ovarian fluid?  If not, do you know of a vendor for
this product (Seatech no longer makes it)?

Thanks in advance for you consideration,


William J Ratzan
University of Connecticut
Health Center,  Rm L5002
263 Farmington Ave.
Farmington, CT  06030
(860) 679 2677
wratzan from uchc.edu

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