[Zbrafish] Aeromonas spp.--is this something to worry about?

lampe1 from umbc.edu via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by lampe1 from umbc.edu)
Mon Jun 25 11:03:48 EST 2007


I am a technician at a zebrafish facility with approximately 5000
fish. Recently, a few of our fish have gotten extremely swollen
abdomens and no longer reproduce. A vet came in and did some tests on
two sick fish. His diagnosis was Aeromonas spp. We were sent some info
on Aeromonas and from what I understand, it is a normal bacteria
living in the fish.

Am I correct in this understanding? Should I be worried or need to
start treating the fish? Or is the vet's diagnosis useless because all
of our fish would test positive for Aeromonas (and maybe he did not
understand this because he is not too familiar with zfish)?

Thanks for any help!

Rebecca Lampe
Laboratory Animal Technician
UMBC Biology Department
Brewster Lab

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