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Spence, R., Runa, K.F., Reichard, M., Huq, K.A., Wahab, M.A., Ahmed, Z.F. &
Smith, C. (2006) The distribution and habitat preferences of the zebrafish
in Bangladesh. Journal of Fish Biology 69, 1435-1448
McClure, MM, McIntyre PB, and McCune, AR.  Notes on the natural diet and
habitat of eight danioin fishes, including the zebrafish Danio rerio. J.
Fish Biol. 2006; 69:553-570
 Engeszer, R. E., Patterson, L. B., Rao, A. A., and Parichy, D. M. 2007.
Zebrafish in the wild: a review of natural history and new notes from the
field. Zebrafish, in press

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I am in need of literature on zebra fish natural habitat and ecological
I would appreciate if you can provide the links to the same and some refs
pertaining to this topic.
Thank you very much 
University of Toronto 


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