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Wed Mar 14 19:00:54 EST 2007

Hello All:

I have a list of general questions about core facility setups for
those of you who are operating them.  By core facility I mean an
institutionally supported facility built for use by any investigator
at an institution, and not a facility built for one or two specific

Any information that anyone can provide to this end would be greatly
appreciated.  Please be as specific as possible in your answers.

1.  What is the gross square footage of your core facility, including
procedure room(s), tank (water) room, office space and fish tank

2.  What are the specific sq. footage breakdowns for each of the above-
mentioned rooms?

3. What kind of system do you have?

4. How many racks?  Independent systems?

5. How many full-time dedicated people do you have working in the room
(real fish people).

6. How many investigators are in the room?

7. Average number of personnel per investigator (post-docs, techs,
students, etc.)

8. Average number of tanks per investigator?

9.  What would you consider a large, medium, and small user based on
personnel and tank space?

Thank you very much in advance for your time and help with this.

Chris Lawrence
Boston MA USA

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