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Fri Mar 16 06:26:49 EST 2007

On Mar 13, 5:45 pm, "k.dewinne" <dewinn... from yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear all,
> At the moment I'm trying to get an incubator for the zebrafish eggs to
> hatch under controlled conditions. We want to apply different
> stressors to the eggs, so It's important that at least different light
> and temperature regimes can be applied to the eggs. I was hoping
> somebody could suggest me an incubator that answers to these
> demands.
> kind regards!

if you want to do different experiments changing the light and
temperature conditions, you need an BINDER incubator type KB 53 (nº
04-70082), specifically our incubator is equipped with a
microprocessor program controller RD3. A lamp is also included but
this is not the standard equipment. The lamp was especially for us
integrated. You may have to ask for this extra non-standard equipment.
However, there may exist different models. with this model you can do
different cycles of light and darkness and in the same way of
I hope this is of your interest.

best regards,

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