[Zbrafish] Call for Papers - Disease-based review to the American Journal of Medical Genetics

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Mon Mar 19 10:58:17 EST 2007

Dear ZFIN community,

We would like to request a call for papers concerning a disease-based
review to the American Journal of Medical Genetics.  The focus of this
manuscript is understanding human malformation phenotypes using the
zebrafish model.   We believe such a review, written for an audience
of primarily non-zebrafish scientists, would be helpful in
communicating the value of this model organism for scientists and
policy-makers considering alternate vertebrate model systems. We had
started the process of drafting this review late last year, and at the
Investigator's Workshop, several members of the community expressed
interest in such a document for the whole community.

We would like to make this review as comprehensive as possible and
don't want to miss any of the great papers that have come out in this
area. If you have a publication that is out or about to be out (i.e.
in press), we would love to receive the citation and/or preprint so we
can include your science in this review. All materials received prior
to publication release will be held in strict confidence until the
appropriate paper has come out in the respective journal.

Shelly Myers, Genetics, Cell Biology and Genetics - University of
Lisa Schimmenti, MD, Pediatrics- University of Minnesota
Stephen C. Ekker, Genetics, Cell Biology and Genetics - University of

Please send your information to:
Stephen C. Ekker  ekker001 from umn.edu
Lisa Schimmenti  las from umn.edu


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