[Zbrafish] Re: Request: zebrafish inbred line

Jean-Pierre Levraud via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by jlevraud from pasteur.fr)
Mon Mar 26 07:44:51 EST 2007

Hello Marlies,

As far as I know, there is no true inbred zebrafish line at the
(if there is, we would also be quite interested to learn about it !).
Even the "really inbred" generated by gynogenesis or androgenesis had
be crossed to other lines to be maintained.
Currently a very good reference about this topic is the following
V. Guryev et al. "Genetic variation in the zebrafish", Genome
16:491-407 (2006).

As we also use zebrafish as a model for immunology, we tried to
our own zebrafish inbred lines by standard brother-sister matings. As
we had to drop quite a few lines after some crosses because of squewed
ratios or  loss of fertility.
However, we now have a few lines that have reached the 7th or 8th
They are not vigorous breeders and most of them have some problems
(females tending to be egg-bound very early or lots of abnormal
But they keep going, and at least one is fairly OK.
When they reach the tenth generation, we will make a careful
evaluation of
the remaining genetic diversity since genetic contamination is always
be suspected. Then, they should at last be usable!

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On Mar 22, 3:06 pm, "Mooij, M." <m.mo... from vumc.nl> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am working with the zebrafish as an infection model for several
> pathogens. At the moment we are using the wildtype AB strain from ZIRC.
> But to minimize the amount of background in my experiments I would like
> to use one of the inbred strains; either sjA (AB), sJC(C32) or sJD.  I
> contacted the Steve Johnson's laborarory and they are currently not
> distributing those strains. Does anyone have inbred zebrafish swimming?
> Or knows someone making there own inbred zebrafish?
> Marlies
> Drs. Marlies Mooij
> VU University medical center
> Department of medical microbiology
> van der Boechorststraat 7
> 1081 BT Amsterdam
> Tel: +31 20 44 48 680
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