[Zbrafish] Re: Morpholino injection concentrations and carriers?

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(1) varies between 1mM (8.3ng/nl) to 1/6 mM
(2) Danieu buffer (water if co-inject with mRNA)
(3) 1mM
(4) Danieu buffer


On May 2, 5:04 pm, "Jon D.Moulton" <jmoul... from gene-tools.com> wrote:
> Good day zebrafish investigators,
> This is Jon from Gene Tools.  I've a question about injection
> concentrations used for Morpholino studies in zebrafish.  Based on our
> interactions with zebrafish researchers, we think that most folks use a
> 1 nanogram/nanoliter concentration of Morpholinos for their injections.
>   It seems water is the most common solvent, followed by Danieu buffer.
>   I would be very interested in learning more about the concentrations
> and solutions now commonly in use.  Are higher concentrations used, and
> if so why and how often?  What about stock solutions - is the usual
> stock concentration about 1 milliMolar, and are stocks most commonly in
> water?  We are doing some systematic studies of Morpholino solubilities
> and storage conditions and this information will help us to design
> experiments.
> To summarize the critical questions:
> (1) what Morpholino concentration do you use for injections?
> (2) what solution do you use in injections to carry the Morpholinos?
> (3) what Morpholino concentration do you use for stocks?
> (4) what solution do you use to dissolve Morpholinos in order to make
> stocks?
> Thanks in advance for any data you can help me with.
>    - Jon
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>       Diagnostics and Special Projects
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