[Zbrafish] Re: positive control for toxicity study

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Mon May 21 04:21:30 EST 2007

On May 17, 4:10 pm, buttercup4ro... from gmail.com wrote:
> Hi i'm a graduate student studying some wastewater using the zebrafish
> embryo toxicity test and am unfamiliar with the development of the
> embryos. I need a positive control substance to give known
> malformations at known times so that I can compare it to normal
> healthy development (just as background information before starting
> the toxicity test).  If anyone knows of a good substance, please
> please let me know!

Hi, in germany u are required to use 3,4-dichloroalinin as the
positive substance for waste water.
Stock solution: 0.05g of 3,4-dichloroalinin dissolved in 500ml fish
medium and 24h under agitation. pH must be 7.0. U can keep it up to 6
months in the fridge.
The final concentration is 3.7mg/L
hope it can help

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