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Mon May 21 13:27:17 EST 2007

The Sanger Institute has released a Vega update on the 16th of May
The Vega database contains finished clone sequence with manual
annotation, placed on chromosomes according to data from the physical
mapping project. The current release features 8,764 clones, 2,064 of
them being annotated so far. Single loci already reported by ZFIN have
been identified and are currently undergoing annotation. This resulted
in 8630 coding, 464 non-coding genes and 107 pseudogenes. 4,561 of the
coding genes already had records in ZFIN, the rest are newly
genes. All genes have been submitted to ZFIN where new records were
generated, allowing you to move from ZFIN record to Vega gene and vice
versa. A DAS source has been set up to display Ensembl genes that
be mapped to the Vega clones.

You can browse/search Vega at http://vega.sanger.ac.uk/Danio_rerio. If
you have comments on the annotation or arrangements of clones, or want
clone to be annotated, please let us know at zfish-help from sanger.ac.uk
<mailto:zfish-help from sanger.ac.uk>.

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