[Zbrafish] extract cartilage from zebrafish without fixation

zfinadmin from gmail.com via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by zfinadmin from gmail.com)
Fri May 25 11:58:20 EST 2007

Does anyone know a method in which I could extract cartilage from
zebrafish without fixation using formalin or ethanol? Since my purpose
is the following: I would like to use the cartilage, especially
pharyngeal cartilages, from the morphants since I have received the
curvy cartilages after my morpholino injections into fish. Second, I
would like to do proteomics assays using the extracted cartilages,
therefore, I do not want the cartilage protein to cross-react with
others by fixation. Therefore, I do not want to fix the morphants nor
staining cartilage.

Please direct any ideas to this address:
yukio.nakamura from childrens.harvard.edu

Thank you!

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