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On Nov 13, 10:44 pm, Laura Stuemky <LStue... from del-norte.k12.co.us>
> I have a student wanting to do studies with zebrafish.  His primary interest
> is cancer - but as we didn't have much luck finding a rat and mice lab for
> him to work in - he suggested this organism.  DO  you have any suggestions
> or advice for him?  He is interested in exposing them to solutions from
> tobacco and cigarettes to see if there is a difference in the tumors
> produced.  What type of time frame would this take to occur?
> Laura Stuemky
> Science teacher
> Del Norte High School
> Del Norte, CO

Dear Laura,
My work is concerned with RNA interference and viral disease in
rainbow trout so I do not have an exhaustive ref list on this but I do
know that both rainbow trout and zebrafish have been used as cancer
models. Recently I was at a phd defence regarding bladder cancer and
we talked about the fish as model - as it was said by one - they dont
smoke. Still Tobacco might have an effect on the fish as a model. Here
is a 1996 review article retrieved from my ref manager about fish as
models for environmental carcinogenesis:

Bailey GS, Williams DE, Hendricks JD. 1996. Fish models for
environmental carcinogenesis: the rainbow trout. Environ Health
Perspect. Mar;104 Suppl 1:5-21.

all the best
Brian Dall Schyth, post. doc.
Natl. Vet. Inst., Denmark

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