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Thomas Bartman via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by thomas.bartman from cchmc.org)
Wed Oct 24 10:30:23 EST 2007

I've been asked to run a one-hour "hands-on" lab to introduce first 
year graduate students to the zebrafish model system.  There will be 
about 16 students, and I can scrape together quite a few 
microscopes.  However, I'm having trouble thinking of anything that 
is "hands-on" that will occupy them for that long, but not much 
longer.  For example, just having them look at embryos would only be 
interesting for a fwe minutes, but it's not like I can have them do 
an in situ either!

Things I've thought of are to mix embryos of 2-3 different stages 
into one dish and ask them to sort them out, or to mix WT and mutant 
embryos and do the same.  Does anyone else have creative ideas that 
would expose them to zebrafish and keep their interest?



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