[Zbrafish] Request information for the Zebrafish breeding tanks

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I think Chris is right, shallow water encourages spawning.  We use the
Aquatic Habitats 2-liter breeder tanks but only fill them about a quarter
full (actually we fill them to maybe 80% when we set the fish up the night
before spawning, then the next morning transfer the insert + fish to a
quarter-filled tank of new water, remove the divider, wait.)  Perhaps a
tipping/gradient strategy like Chris describes would be less stressful to
the fish though.
- Jim


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Most suppliers (AHAB, MBI, Tecniplast, etc.) make their own version of
breeding trap.  Most of these, as well as others made by laboratory supply
companies, are plastic traps that fit inside plastic tanks. 
In my opinion  (based upon my personal experience, data collected in
laboratory settings, and observations of the animals spawning in the wild)
the ones that work best are those that can be "tipped", providing a shallow
to deep gradient within the trap.  The fish appear to preferentially spawn
in the shallow areas.    If you don't believe me, try it, and pay close
attention to how the fish behave and where most of the eggs are laid.
All cages will work.  But those that can be easily tipped work better.
Still my opinion.  But a semi-informed one.
With this in mind, we use 2 liter polycarbonate mouse cages from nalgene or
tecniplast, fill it with fish water, and insert the following breeding trap,
tip it, and let the fish do their thing (with proper conditioning, of
Using such an approach, you can probably get all supplies in India (mouse
cages, reasonable facsimile of breeding trap).
Also you can check out
Good luck,


Christian Lawrence
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Karp Family Research Laboratories 06-004B
One Blackfan Circle
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
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Subject: [Zbrafish] Request information for the Zebrafish breeding tanks

Dear Sir/Madam,
I sridevi from India working as a Junior Research Fellow under Dr.
V.Kalarani Head, Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Sri
Padmavati Women's University, Tirupati, Chittoor Dist., Andhra Pradesh,
We are working on zebrafish. So we need the zebrafish breeding tanks. Please
give me the modalities and information for purchase of zebrafish breeding
With Best Regards,


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