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Hi all, 

Some diets with high protein content work well. We experienced them on mutants strains that were not laying very well and the mating rate improved within 4 weeks. 

Remember also that"old" fish don't lay well (> 14 months). 

You can also keeep males and females separated during one week to allow eggs accumulation by females. When you 'll do the next mating, you should get more eggs. 

Also, in my experience, some strains are (very) good layers and other not. Good luck! 

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>From: Hadie Khodabakhsh <hadie_k1984 from yahoo.com>
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>Good afternoon,
>I was wondering if you had any suggestions, or methods that will get
>zebrafish to mate more. I have already placed my zebrafish in the best
>environmental conditions, but they just don't seem to mate. So I was
>wondering if there were any hormonal treatment methods that can be used to
>influence the zebrafish to mate more?
>Thank you,
>Hadie Khodabakhsh 
>(In case you are wondering, I am a research associate at the zebrafish lab
>of Dr. Guo at UCSF Mission Bay)
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>From: Wenyan Mei <meiw from ccri.net>
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>Dear Jen,
>I am an investigator at the Ohio State University. We are having big
>with our fish breeding. It has been two and half years since my fish
>facility was built by Aquatic Habitats. The water condition is good in our
>fish facility: pH around 7.3-7.6, Conductivity around 250-300, and
>Temperature is a little higher (29C). We feed brine shrimp twice daily for
>the fish. Females look great with big belly. But they simply don't lay eggs
>for us. This really bother us because our project progress is delayed due
>breeding problem. I am wondering if you can give me some suggestions to
>fish breed better. Thanks a lot.
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