[Zbrafish] Suggestions for fish room entry-ways

marcuswrath via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by rathmark from mail.nih.gov)
Tue Apr 15 13:31:57 EST 2008

I'm throwing this out to the Internet to see if anyone has any unusual
solutions to this problem. I'm trying to come up with an alternative
to the traditional foot baths and tacky-mats to be used at the entry
points to a zebrafish room. I'm stuck with the following restrictions:

1) Foot baths are out of the question due to "investigator dislike"
2) The doors to the fish room open into the room and will have door
sweeps flush with the floor (making it impossible to set something on
the floor just inside the doors)
3) The exterior hallway is a shared hallway that will have lots of non-
aquatics personnel.

If anyone has any ideas other than shoe covers for reducing the
likelihood of unwanted material being carried in on people's shoes,
I'd love to hear them!

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