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Hi Rachel,
To determine if these are in fact coleps, look at them under a  
compound microscope.  Coleps are very easy to identify.  They move in  
a swirling pattern and their body's are covered in plates that make  
them look like hand grenades.  Unhatched or recently hatch embryos  
that have not developed swim bladders are the most susceptible to  
coleps.  A swarm of coleps can consume an entire embryo within 45  
minutes.  Once embryos are swimming they can fend them off quite  
easily.  If the parasites were only found in 1 embryo, I wouldn't  
worry to much yet.  Keep your embryos as clean as possible and remove  
anything suspicious.  You should also consider bleaching your  
embryos, if you are not currently.

I would be happy to take a look at some pictures and help identify  
the parasite.  Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.


On Jul 31, 2008, at 6:16 PM, RachelRaynes from gmail.com wrote:

> While performing maintenance on a clutch of 48 hour zebrafish embryos,
> I came across one with a swarm of parasites within its chorion.  All
> the other embryos in the clutch were fine.  I examined the embryo 5
> hours later and it was almost completely devoured.  I assume that this
> is a parasite that the mother passed on?  Unfortunately, the cross was
> albino stock and the individual fish was put back into a group tank
> after breeding.  What were those things and what action if any needs
> to be taken?
> If anyone would like a picture or video of the embryo I’d be happy to
> send one in hopes of identifying the parasite.
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