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In general,
We make small aliquots of RNA (5-10ul) diluted to the correct concentration in buffer/phenol red and store them at -80C.  If we need to determine the correct concentration to inject, we store small aliquots of concentrated RNA at 
-80C and dilute into buffer as needed.  When we thaw an aliquot of RNA diluted in buffer to inject, we toss whatever we don't use.
I would be surprised after going in and out of a tube of RNA and leaving it at 4degrees if there would be anything left the next day.  Even if it didn't completely degrade, the concentration would be different for sure and may lead to variability in your experiments.
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Just got another question. If I am injecting mRNA to embryos, shall I
leave the left diluted mRNA at 4 degree for the next day? How long
would it be good? Thanks a lot!

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