[Zbrafish] Re: seasonal mortality?

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Hello, if your on a purely RO water supply I would guess not. That system would just have a higher reject volume, water not passing through the membrane. You might notice this if your RO pressure or volume is lower than normal, unless you have ample capacity. With a purely DI system yes, it does not reject water and only removes ions in the water. Water will pass through the resin of a DI system regardless of quality (even if the resin is spent). DI is more common then RO water in my experience.

Sounds like you are on a centralized system. I would contact whomever services the system. It might require more frequent maintenance during the fall, carbon filters, resin or membranes.

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On Wed, 10 Dec 2008, Jocelyn wrote:

> Off list I received three emails indicating a shared experience of
> increased nursery mortality in fall.
> More about our parameters:
> + we have an RO/DI water source.
> + we have consistent personnel year round (ie full time staff, no
> student workers).
> + we feed powdered AP diet and raise brine shrimp for our nursery fish
> (no paramecia, rotifers, etc ).
> + another zebrafish facility in the same building reported anecdotally
> about similar problems at the same time.
> Will seasonal changes in city water persist through a RO/DI system?
> I'm coming to think so?
> thanks for your feedback.
> As always, its been interesting.
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