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This may be a somewhat dangerous argument to 
make. The IACUC may turn it around and even 
require you to do group breedings.

I'd rather go with proven safety and the fact 
that in nature ZF are schooling fish and occur in 
rel. high densities and probably 'harem breed' 
there too.


>As for your example I would say that zebra fish 
>are aggressive spawners particularly males. In 
>order to divide a "alpha" males attention it is 
>often necessary to spawn them with other fish, 
>females and other males (if need be). This also 
>supports the social structure of the fish. An 
>aggressive male fish can kill a female on a 
>pair-wise cross, thank goodness for dividers. 
>Have them come in to your lab just after lights 
>on and have them watch some fish spawning or 
>tape it for them.
>Harem breeding is very common in the zebra fish world and safe.
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>On Wed, 10 Dec 2008, Jocelyn wrote:
>>Is it normal for an IACUC to request and maintain a copy of our fish
>>They are very keen on wanting to know all of our stain names and
>>Also, any hints on dealing with a mammal biased IACUC?
>>- ex: how do I support that "harem breeding" (IACUC phrase: more than
>>one fish of opposite sex) is not unusual/harmful to fish?
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