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Our system is purely RO and we aren't seeing this seasonal issue.  I would suggest checking on two things.  First, when does the RO system get serviced?  Is there a connection between servicing and your seasonal issue?  Second are you monitoring room temp?  Our facility is in an older building and it takes forever for the temperature to even itself out, even in temp maintained rooms.  Is it possible that you are having a severe temp spike (up or down) in the fall?
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Hello, if your on a purely RO water supply I would guess not. That system would just have a higher reject volume, water not passing through the membrane. You might notice this if your RO pressure or volume is lower than normal, unless you have ample capacity. With a purely DI system yes, it does not reject water and only removes ions in the water. Water will pass through the resin of a DI system regardless of quality (even if the resin is spent). DI is more common then RO water in my experience.

Sounds like you are on a centralized system. I would contact whomever services the system. It might require more frequent maintenance during the fall, carbon filters, resin or membranes.

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On Wed, 10 Dec 2008, Jocelyn wrote:

> Off list I received three emails indicating a shared experience of
> increased nursery mortality in fall.
> More about our parameters:
> + we have an RO/DI water source.
> + we have consistent personnel year round (ie full time staff, no
> student workers).
> + we feed powdered AP diet and raise brine shrimp for our nursery fish
> (no paramecia, rotifers, etc ).
> + another zebrafish facility in the same building reported anecdotally
> about similar problems at the same time.
> Will seasonal changes in city water persist through a RO/DI system?
> I'm coming to think so?
> thanks for your feedback.
> As always, its been interesting.
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