[Zbrafish] DNA preps for injections

Michelle Emond via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by emond.4 from osu.edu)
Tue Dec 16 18:01:51 EST 2008


We've been trying to find a reliable kit for cleaning up DNA for 
injections.  Qiagen miniprep DNA does not seem to be clean enough to 
inject straight off the column, as the embryo survival rate is very 
low.  So, we've been running the DNA over one of their PCR purification 
columns to further "clean" the DNA, and that seems to result in higher 
survival rates.  However, we'd like to streamline our methods to cut costs.

We'd love to hear what other labs do for DNA preps (plasmids and BACs), 
both for larger preps of known constructs (midi or maxi), and for 
miniprep quantities for screening potential constructs.

Thanks very much,
Michelle Emond, Ph.D.
email:  emond.4 from osu.edu
Center for Molecular Neurobiology
Ohio State University

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