[Zbrafish] antibodies against zebrafish leukocyte any one?

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Wed Dec 17 05:11:30 EST 2008


I'm looking for a antibody that recognizes zebrafish microglial

I'm aware of the 4C4 atnibody employed by Becker & Becker (J. Comp.
Neurobiol. 433:131--147, 2001) but the then suppliers, Drs. Dowding
and Scholes no longer have stocks of it. The original monoclonal line
is maintained at the European Collection of Cell Cultures at Porton
Down UK as 7.4.C4 but is priced well out of the reach us poor humble
researchers in South Africa.

I am not working in zebrafish, but Nothobranchius, so I'm looking for
an antibody sample to test with.

Anyone out there who thinks they could help?


UCT Human Biology Department

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