[Zbrafish] Fish facility care information

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Thu Dec 18 17:17:35 EST 2008

Dear Zebrafish Investigators,

I am writing to ask for information from U.S. investigators regarding
the care of their zebrafish facilities. Since my arrival at Berkeley,
I have cared for my facility myself, with oversight and approval from
the Office of Laboratory Animal Care. We have been very happy with
this arrangement; however, the arrangement is currently under review,
and I would like to obtain information from other investigators as to
whether or not they care for their own fish, and whether they are
pleased with the level of care.

If you could take a few moments to answer a couple questions, or
forward the email to a member of your lab who could, I would greatly
appreciate your help. I will be happy to share the collected
information with the community. A response as soon as possible would
be much appreciated.

Please respond to my email, amacher from berkeley.edu

Lab Name(s) & University:
Approx. size of fish facility:
Recirculating or flow-through:
Who cares for your facility:
Are you pleased with the level of care:

Thank you so much,

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