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> Dear Michelle,
> For injection of DNA, I use regular old minipreps (Qiagen, Eppendorf,  
> whatever) or midipreps.  Then I phenol extract (add equal volume of  
> 24:25:1 phenol:chloroform:isoamyl alcohol, vortex, spin 3', pull off  
> aqueous (top) phase) them twice and ethanol precipitate (add 10% vol.  
> of 3M sodium acetate, pH 5.2, mix, add 2.5 vols. 100% ethanol, mix,  
> -20C 15' to overnight, spin full speed 15' at 4C, pull off supe, and  
> resuspend pellet in appropriate vol. H2O).  I have no problems with  
> injected DNA cleaned up in this manner and the clean-up is cheap and  
> amenable to reasonably high throughput.
> For BACs, we set up 5ml o/n cultures.  We spin down the cultures,  
> resuspend them in Qiagen midiprep buffer P1, lyse them with P2 (5',  
> r.t.), neutralize with P3, spin down the garbage, transfer the supe  
> (~750ul) to a new tube, add equal vol. isopropanol, spin 30' at 4C,  
> wash with 70% EtOH, and resuspend in 50ul H2O.  This prep is pretty  
> dirty, but can be further cleaned up with phenol extraction and EtOH  
> precipitation.
> Hope this helps.
> Best,
> Wilson
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> Hi,
> We've been trying to find a reliable kit for cleaning up DNA for
> injections.  DNA does not seem to be clean enough to
> inject straight off the column, as the embryo survival rate is very
> low.  So, we've been running the DNA over one of their PCR purification
> columns to further "clean" the DNA, and that seems to result in higher
> survival rates.  However, we'd like to streamline our methods to cut  
> costs.
> We'd love to hear what other labs do for DNA preps (plasmids and BACs),
> both for larger preps of known constructs (midi or maxi), and for
> miniprep quantities for screening potential constructs.
> Thanks very much,
> Michelle Emond, Ph.D.
> email:  emon... from osu.edu
> Center for Molecular Neurobiology
> Ohio State University

Qiagen have different kit for different use. I think Qiagen miniprep
is not so good as Qiagen spin. Qiagen spin is cell grade!

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