[Zbrafish] brain and nervous system identification

Chris Monson via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by monson.chris from gmail.com)
Thu Feb 14 10:46:08 EST 2008

Hi all, we have a morpholino that has given us, what we think is, a
forebrain-hindbrain and nervous system phenotype.  We have sectioned
and H&E stained 72hpf embryos but are having a great deal of trouble
identifying the brain and nervous system structures and defects.  ZFin
does have great pictures of healthy sectioned embryos labeled nicely
but our MO phenotype is severe enough that those pictures are not much
help to us.  Does anyone know about or could identify brain and
nervous structures from H and E stained embryos, or could anyone let
me know who I could contact to ask for help?



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