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Hi Rebecca,

Around here we use small plastic outdoor storage 
units. Some are small like outdoor storage sheds, 
some like cabinets. You can often find exaamples 
of these at Home Depots or garden stores. Rubber 
maid makes some of these, but other companies do 
also. I have use a couple of flat top cabinets 
that were about normal counter height and put an 
acrylic sheet on top to make a cheap, chemically 
stable counter.

I have also seem ads for plastic lab furniture. Much more expensive I'm sure.

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>Hi everyone,
>Our current fish facility was outfitted with 
>metal cabinets which are rusting through (big 
>shock).  Our department has agreed to help us 
>replace them.
>I was wondering what people have in their 
>facilities?  Is anyone using plastic?   Does 
>anyone have suggestions as to vendors or as to 
>other rust proof material?
>These are standard under counter cabinets.  Nothing fancy.
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