[Zbrafish] Chlorine in water

prajakta dongre via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by dongrep from yahoo.com)
Tue Feb 19 00:08:54 EST 2008


I am using normal tap water for keeping my fishes.
These days the water in Bangalore too much
chlorinated. Some of my Juvenile fishes died because
of this water.
I have few questions-
1) What is the protocol to find out presence of
chlorine in water?
2) How much percentage of chlorine or concentration of
chlorine is toxic to fishes?
3) What is the remedy for removing this chlorine?
Simple thing I am doing is keeping the water
circulating for a day and then using it. 

There is one more question
Please let me know about the supplier of Brine Shrimp
eggs (Petrel Brand, O.S.I, 100% hatching quality) in
India. Also the amount of money to buy 15oz i.e. 425

Thank you all in anticipation
Prajakta Limaye
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012

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