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Dear zebrafish community,

Happy new year to everyone. We are working hard on planning for the 2008
international zebrafish meeting (June 25-29, Madison), and would like to
solicit your help.

This year's meeting will introduce *workshops* on specialized topics
proposed by the community. These will be organized in two sessions, each
with up to 5 workshops running concurrently. Workshops will last two hours,
and might consist of 3 or 4 short (e.g. 15 min) talks, with extensive time
for discussion.

Our goal is to have a more free-form format in which to discuss emerging,
specialized, or controversial topics. Sample topics could be:

-- a specialized scientific topic
-- an emerging technique
-- a challenge facing the community

We are now asking for the community to propose the topics for these
workshops. Topics will be posted on a blog:


and we encourage everyone in the community to visit this blog and comment on

To propose a topic, email zfmeeting from gmail.com. Please include your name and
institution. We will invite you to be a blog *author* so that you can
describe your proposal in a new post. If you want to comment on a topic, or
propose a change, simply *comment* on the relevant post (please include your
name and institution in your comment).

Our plan is to select the best 10 topics suggested, and then select
organizers for each workshop, who will help to solicit talks and also choose
talks from submitted abstracts. So be warned: if you suggest a good topic,
you may end up organizing the workshop!

The blog is up as of today. We will accept new topics through *25 Jan 2008*,
so please look very soon. The blog will remain open for comments through 1
Feb 2008, when we will choose a final list of workshop topics.

--The 2008 meeting organizers:
Sharon Amacher
Chi-Bin Chien
Laure Bally-Cuif
Matthias Hammerschmidt
Koichi Kawakami
Brant Weinstein
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