[Zbrafish] Embryo parisites, coleps, "twirlies"

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Thu Jan 31 20:47:07 EST 2008


I am looking for more information about coleps.  These are a small
protazoa which parasatize larval zebrafish.  Under a dissecting scope
they look like little transparent hyperactive beans, less than one
hundredth the size of a zebrafish egg, comparable to a zfish blood
cell in size.  I am only able to see them at >5X mag.

-Here's a little mention in an old Zebrafish Science Monitor:

Three seperate zebrafish labs at which I have worked have had minor
problems with these little guys (Perhaps I am the vector, dunno).
-Does anyone know more about these things than what is stated in the
article linked above?  E.g. Life cycle, response to dessication, drugs
with which to kill them?
-Anyone had problems with them that they have overcome?  What
strategies worked?  So far the only good strategy I know of is
vigilant dish cleaning.
-We have lately been having problems in dishes which we have bleached,
which is perplexing.  Do other people see them surviving bleaching?
Killed by bleaching?  (We follow the Volhard protocol)
-Some folks have suggested raising water conductivity in our system.
Anyone agree?
-Also, does anyone know if UV can kill these or specifically what

-Anyone offering up advice or results regarding these pesky things
will be my personal hero.

Thanks, Gabe

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