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There's an article by Amali et al (Journal of Biomedical Science (2006) 13:
225–232) where they looked for apoptosis in liver cells of embryos  using
TUNEL method. After 7 days they observed  a diminished  number of apoptotic
bodies,  due to the increasing number of necrotic bodies.  I hope it helps
Ana Schneider

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> Hello
> On Jul 16, 3:45 pm, stefan1306 <stefan.we... from merck.de> wrote:
> > at the moment I´m dealing with histology of 96 hpf embryos and I want
> > to show necrosis...
> You may want to pose this question to the histonet group. They may be
> more forthcoming with useful information. You may also want to track
> down Maldonado et al Neurobiol. 53:21--35, 2002. In it they show
> neurodegeneration
> (via what appears to be a non-apoptotic mechanism) using cresyl
> violet.
> If you find a better means to show necrosis, please let me know! I am
> very far from being an expert on this topic.
> Kind regards
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