[Zbrafish] Re: help with parasite infecting embryos

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Thu Jul 31 16:02:17 EST 2008

On Jul 31, 10:19 am, lampe1 <lam... from umbc.edu> wrote:
> Hello!
> In our zebrafish facility, we frequently have embryos infected with
> some sort of parasite. It looks like little filaments of cotton which
> surround the embryo. When this happens, the embryos usually die within
> 24-72 hours. Usually bleaching (according to ZFIN protocol--0.1mL 5%
> sodium hypochlorite in 170mL system water, bleach 5 min, system water
> 5 min, bleach 5 min, rinse 2+ times in system water) and replacing the
> water stops this and saves the embryos.
> Recently, this parasite has been worse (likely due to our UV
> sterilizer being broken for ~1 week). One person in the lab bleached
> the embryos and rinsed them several times and yet they still all died
> and were infected with this parasite.
> Does anyone have any idea what this parasite may be? I am having
> trouble since I have no idea what kind of organism it even is. Does
> anyone have any ideas for other ways to bleach/otherwise save embryos?
> I appreciate any help!
> Thanks,
> Rebecca Lampe
> Fish Care Technician
> UMBC Department of Biology
> lam... from umbc.edu

I'm assuming the infection is occuring in the first few days when the
fish are in petri dishes.  The filaments sound like fungus.  Fungus
growing in the dishes is fairly common and will kill the embryos.  See
the discussion regarding Fungizone from a few days ago as it contains
a variety of recommendations.

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