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I have a couple of suggestions, all of which I have done in various  
similar situations.  Fortunately, we have a vet and an IACUC who are  
not prone to mindless obedience to rules made for other animals.
1.  Convince your Veterinarian/IACUC that their request for a  
"certificate" may be routine for mammals but is wildly inappropriate  
for fish.  Many labs routinely send and accept strains from multiple  
labs, oftentimes on short notice, long after the animal care protocol  
is approved.  I have sent fish many times to other labs, if one of  
them asked me for a "certificate", I wouldn't know what to do.
2. Designate your tanks as "quarantine tanks", in which any disease  
will be carefully monitored and treated.
3. Designate your tanks as decorative tanks.  When I wanted to look  
at cichlid embryos, I asked our vet if I could house cichlids in  
tanks in my office or lab (I was terrified of introducing disease  
into our main fish room, even in the Q rack).  He told me that tanks  
of pet fish are not under the jurisdiction of IACUC, even if those  
fish produce embryos.  I believe that embryos are also not under the  
jurisdiction of IACUC (chickens are not considered "vertebrate  
animals" until hatching).
4. Forget to tell them where you got the fish.
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> Hi all, especially those of you with insight into veterinarians.
> I have an approved protocol to work with fish embryos; my
> "colony" (school ?) of fish consists of two ten gallon tanks with
> filters etc, about 20 fish, and it is in my lab, not the animal
> quarters.  In that protocol I listed ZIRC as the source of the
> adults.  I have found, however, that my local Petco sells perfectly
> healthy fish for about $1 each, and shopping there has the advantage
> that I can pick out big fat females and good looking males, and I
> don't have to buy in pairs.
> Here's the but - Petco is not an "approved vendor" and the vet on my
> IACUC committee (on which, by the way, I serve as the fish & amphibian
> expert) has put a hold on my purchasing of new fish until I can get
> some kind of health certificate.
> Has anyone figured out a workaround for this problem ?  I'm trying to
> get in contact with the store manager, but it's a Petco for pete's
> sake - what is the likelihood that they will have the kind of
> documentation needed for an IACUC committee composed almost entirely
> of mouse people ?
> Does anyone else just use pet store wildtypes ?  Am I making a huge
> mistake by doing that ?  (I don't do any genetics, so I don't need
> lines).
> Any wisdom or practical advice will be very welcome.
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