[Zbrafish] whole mount antibody staining of muscle

mena22787 from excite.com via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by mena22787 from excite.com)
Wed Mar 5 11:36:41 EST 2008

I am an undergraduate student trying to stain skeletal muscle in
embryos that are between 10-24 hpf.  Thus far I've tried anti-
sarcomeric actin, zm-1, and zm-3 antibodies using a protocol that is a
modification of one found in the Zebrafish book.  I have found either
very dark staining of the outside/periphery of the embryo or dark
staining of the yolk, but no specific muscle staining.  We are using
the Vectastain ABC detection kit.  Does anyone have any
recommendations or ideas on why we're getting this dark staining on
the outside with no inside staining?  (We are using the -20C acetone
permeabilization step.)

                               Serena Kankash-  mena22787 from excite.com

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