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On Jan 23, 2:28 pm, prajakta dongre <dong... from yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear All Zebrafish Lovers
> I am student from Indian Institute of Science,
> Bangalore. I am establishing zebrafish as a model in
> Dr. Upendra Nongthomba's lab.
> I have query regarding feeding of zebrafish with
> Drosophila.
> Should the fish be fed with etherized Drosophila? Will
> etherized Drosophila affect Zebrafish Adults as well
> as Fries?
> Bye
> Prajakta Limaye
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Hi Prajakta,
Feeding drosophila to zebrafish doesnt seem to be a good idea, Until
unless you have specific question to be answered when other food is
Though etherized fruitflies on my opinion shouldnt be having any
problem. As dry food seems to work well as fish food.
What are the questions you trying to answer in IIsc ? Would like to
discuss in that area with respect to your time.

with regards
Paresh Vishwasrao
pareshv22 from gmail.com

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