[Zbrafish] Need for Cryogenic Services?

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Tue May 13 08:36:47 EST 2008

Hi All:
As you know, one of the myriad challenges in managing a zebrafish
facility involves "backing up" important strains as frozen sperm, both
to cut down on the number of lines that have to be maintained within a
facility as "swimming copies" and to aid in the recovery of a research
program in the event of a disaster.

Presently, ZIRC is only the answer IF you have a line that you are
willing to share with the scientific community, and IF the line is
deemed important enough scientifically to merit storing for
cataloguing and subsequent distribution.

For all other applications, you are on your own.

I am aware that a number of facilities (although I don't know if it is
the majority or minority) cryopreserve sperm of important lines. This
is a time-consuming and difficult process - to do it properly, at
least - especially with limited resources. My suspicion is that most
facilities, if they are doing it at all, probably aren't doing it very
well.  I personally have been involved in a laboratory where a
"resource" of frozen stock was actually not a resource at all, but
rather a vat full of non-viable sperm. There were a number of reasons
for this, but it was mostly due to lack of resources to oversee this
operation properly.  I suspect that there are many such "resources"
out there in the community…zebrafish "binkies", if you will.

My question to the community is whether or not zebrafish users would
utilize a professional service, similar to what is currently available
for rodents, IF such a resource (reliable and demonstrated) existed.

Why or why not?

Thanks in advance for your time,

Christian Lawrence
Children’s Hospital Boston
320 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
617.919.2738 (office)
617.730-0836 (fax)
christian.lawrence from childrens.harvard.edu

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