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In general, the embryos seem to develop normally from 22 hpf (when heartbeat would initiate) until 3-4 dpf.  They will develop edema around the heart, and for some reason the eyes usually seem to be smaller in heart mutants, but otherwise they seem fine.  The question about vascular development is a good one, for which I have no specific answer.  By flk1::GFP, endothelial cells seem to be there, and normally aligned, but I haven't checked to see if there is an actual lumen to the vessels, or if it is collapsed, or atretic (different things).

After 4-5 dpf or so, the embryos gradually succumb to hypoxia and death.

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>>> <raschperger.work from hotmail.com> 11/21/08 9:41 AM >>>
Dear all,
During early development (1-7 dpf), does zf embryos/larvae survive
without heartbeating. Do they develop normal the first coulple of days
if they dont have a functional heart? How is the development of the
vasculature affected if the heart doesnt beat? Thank you!

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