[Zbrafish] detecting 2 bp SSLP

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Tom--if this is a marker you'll use a lot, it may be easier to 
amplify and sequence a few hundred bp of neighboring genomic DNA from 
the two mapping strains, find a good SNP, and develop a CAPS or dCAPS 

Chi-Bin Chien

At 10:56 AM -0500 11/26/08, Thomas Bartman wrote:
>We're doing a positional cloning project and have an SSLP marker 
>with a 2-bp polymorphism.  We can pick up the polymorphism with SSCP 
>non-denaturing, cold acrylamide gels sometimes, but not reliably on 
>even high percentage agarose gels.  Has anyone used denaturing 
>acrylamide gels for this purpose, and do you have a protocol for the 
>gel composition and sample prep before loading?  Would it be the 
>same as what is used for sequencing gels?
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